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Book Review: When the Family and Work Collide (Andy Stanley)

A new edition of an earlier Andy Stanley's book Choosing to Cheat was released under the less provoking but somewhat more revealing title When the Family and Work Collide and I have not only an opportunity to read the book under the original and now new title, but also to hear Stanley's teaching on the context of the book both in his church and also at the leadership event (where he tailored it more for the church pastor's audience). I was always very encouraged to see the positive response to Andy's story about how he chosen to keep his work schedule in balance in order to save his family.

Now, I realize that many people actually wish they would have this freedom to choose their working hours (this is surely on of the benefits of working in similar settings), but being church planter myself, I know of how intense the time could be if you are fully devoted into planting something new or starting a new project, initiative or even an organization. So, this decision, especially when you have a family with kids, is crucial. But even if you are in situation that seems for you to have more time (as not having kids or even being single), finding the balance is very important as it will save your sanity and what is very important if you are the leader of any kind: it will help you to resuscitate your energy which is the most important gift you can give to your followers.

What is very helpful in Stanley's little book is that he does not speak only about his story, but he would include people from different life phases as well as ages and both genders. This is helpful because it gives a different ankle to the subject and also it shows nobody is actually saved from the dilemma and tension. And that is good, because sometimes we fell into a trap of thinking that only men have ambitions, or only ambitious women would be tempted to sacrifice the family, while it is natural for men. Nobody is exempt and we all must face the struggle and decide well. This book and its message is very important for anyone who love their job and their family in the same time.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this review, however was not reqired to be nice! :-)

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